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Yemeni Conflict


The United Nations has labelled the Yemen war as the “world’s worst humanitarian crisis.” Since 2015, tensions between the Shia Houthi rebels and the Sunni Yemeni government have escalated to civil war. Both sides are supported by bigger world powers and are using food and resources as war tactics. The cost has been devastating: 22 million people, ¾ of the population, are in desperate need of aid. Attempts to negotiate peace so far have been unsuccessful.


The Houthi rebels and government supporters are meeting in Geneva to begin a new round of peace talks. Although the willingness to engage in peace talks is a big step forward, there are still many very serious differences that need to be resolved before peace can be established. Delegates will represent leaders from both sides of the conflict and key players from the international community, and are tasked with negotiating and working towards a solution.

Note: This committee has already been held in 2019, during Jackrabbit MUN I. Background guides for 2020 will be released soon.

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