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Crisis Rules of Procedure

There will be no formal speakers list. Debate will consist of a continuous transition between moderated caucuses and unmoderated caucuses.

There are five types of documents which can be released by an individual delegate or by the committee as a whole.

Personal Directive: Action taken by an individual delegate in accordance with their portfolio powers as found in the background guides. For example, a Minister of the Interior may send a digital note to the Crisis Room requesting to place police officers on patrol in front of the house of another delegate to investigate who enters and leaves.

Group Directive: Similar to a personal directive, except supported by multiple delegates instead of just one. In a group directive, delegates can pool their resources and portfolio powers to accomplish larger tasks.

Committee Directive: A formal action taken by the entire committee, which must first be voted upon by a simple majority. 


Communiqué: A formal message from a committee or delegate to be communicated to other bodies. If sent from the committee, communiqués must first be approved through a majority vote. For example, a general in a WWI committee could write a message to contact Vladimir Lenin in exile. 

Press Release: A statement from a committee or a delegate that they want expressed to the general public. If sent from the committee, press releases must first be approved through a majority vote.

Crisis Tech

Jackrabbit MUN Vis proud to offer a technology-focused procedure in all of our crisis rooms. Crisis will follow the normal two notepad procedure: delegates may send one personal directive to crisis at a time and must wait for a response from crisis before sending their next directive. However, at Jackrabbit, all personal directives and responses are sent electronically. Delegates will be instructed on the day of the conference on how to send directives electronically to crisis staff and receive responses. This proven method has considerably reduced directive response time and delegates should expect to receive a response to their directives in under fifteen minutes.

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