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Cabinet & Secretariat

Hi everyone! My name is Josephine Gore and I’m super excited to be one of your co-presidents this year! It has been such an amazing journey being in MUN, and I’ve loved every minute of debating, cooperating, and researching. Outside of MUN, I’m in orchestra (go violas!) and play piano, volleyball, and am involved in other clubs including Speech and Debate, Female Leadership Academy, and Philosophy club. As co-president, I will be running meetings, helping with conference organization, and doing everything I can to make sure all MUN-related events run smoothly and to make sure you all have the best MUN experience possible! I am a HUGE Broadway and musical theater fan, I love baking (mostly crèpes), and I always enjoy a good board game (especially the ones with confusing rules… they always end up being the best). As a third year MUNer, I have a pretty good handle on procedure, conferences, and general MUN info, so please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or if you just want to talk about global issues or international affairs. This year is going to be awesome, I can’t wait for all the MUN amazingness we’re going to have!

Josephine Gore
Matthew Inui

Hello, my name is Matthew Inui and I am so excited to be one of your presidents for the ‘22-23 school year! I will be in charge of running meetings, organizing conference assignments, and much more, but I’m really here for you all. If you ever have any questions about how/why/when/where to MUN, I’m your guy! I’m always happy to talk about MUN, international policy, and other related topics. Besides MUN, I’m involved with UNICEF, Speech and Debate, and Japanese clubs here at Poly. I’m also a member of our orchestra and symphonic winds programs. I LOVE coffee, listen to too much k-pop, and am now obsessed with Bungou Stray Dogs ;) You should also know that I use an unhealthy number of emotes. But once again, I am here for you all! Anything you have, even if it’s just ranting about school work or complaining about your noisy neighbor, you can come to me. I’m looking forward to a great year!

Hi friends! I’m Natalie, your vice president this year. I do a lot of the behind-the-scenes work, like signing us up for conferences, communicating with other schools, and giving all of you assignments and information. I’ve been doing MUN since my freshman year (I’m a junior now), and have been to all types of conferences. I’ve chaired at the past three Jackrabbit conferences and at Bunny MUN, so I’d say I know the rules pretty well – they’re easy to learn after a little practice, so don’t be intimidated! I’m always around to give advice or just chat with you! Aside from MUN, I’m big into Key Club, Philosophy Club, FLA, and tennis. I’ve recently discovered pickleball, and I’m totally obsessed. I also love to crochet, write, and listen to podcasts (send your recommendations!). Cats and coffee are my best friends, and my favorite espresso drink is a cortado. All in all, go jackrabbits, let’s all get best delegate, and I am so pleased to meet you!

Natalie Canalis
Vice President
Sydney McKeever

Hi! My name is Sydney McKeever and I’m your Secretary for the 2022-2023 school year. I have been a part of MUN since my freshman year so this will be my 4th year as part of the club. I am in charge of logistical matters and making sure everything runs smoothly during the year. Outside of MUN I am a part of CSF, Poly Creative Writing, GSC, and my own club, Cereal Club! I also play viola in Poly’s Symphony and Chamber orchestras. In my free time I love exploring flea markets or listening to music. If I’m not doing that, I’m probably hiking or making my friends watch the entirety of Gilmore Girls (because it's fall and it's necessary). I look forward to a great year and I encourage you to reach out if you need any MUN-related help! This year is going to be amazing!

Hola! My name is Nathan and I will be your 2022-2023 treasurer for Model UN. My main responsibility will be keeping track of the money flow without the club/class whether that be delegate fees, merch order payment, etc. Current events going on in our world have always been something that have interested me and are always subjects in which I try to keep up with informing myself about thus, MUN was a great outlet for me to be able to further my knowledge on those subjects whilst debating about them in a real world situation… The UN! Other than that you can regularly find me on the golf course as I play for Poly’s golf team and am proudly the number one starter on our varsity team. Additionally music is something I’m very passionate about as I play both guitar and bass. I spent two years here at Poly playing in our jazz band playing the bass there. I look forward to working with all of you!

Nathan Brava-Partain
Eva Christy
Social Media

Hi! My name is Eva Christy and I get to share in the exciting job of keeping our social media up to date. I take pictures and write captions. A little more too, but that’s not very important to you. I joined MUN last year, as a sophomore, and fell in love with its capacity for both serious discussion and fun. Aside from MUN, I am a part of Poly’s tennis team and the wonderful Philosophy club. I enjoy a wide variety of activities including crocheting, listening to Taylor Swift, reading, photography, hiking, cooking and baking, and being around my dog, Hazel. I’m always too busy, but happy to help anyone whenever I can. I’m looking forward to making many memorable MUN memories this year!

Hello! My name is Quinn VanWagner and I help run social media for Long Beach Poly MUN. I work almost exclusively on our instagram @jackrabbitmun keeping it up to date and filled with the latest doings of our MUN program. I joined MUN as a freshman during online school. Following in the footsteps of my sister, who was also a member, I found my own place in MUN. I am very excited to be Co-Head Chair of a room at our conference Jackrabbit MUN V in May. In addition to MUN, I am the captain of the Poly varsity golf team and a member of the philosophy club. In my free time, I enjoy, surprise, playing golf with my friends and family, doing escape rooms, listening to music and playing video games. I can’t wait to see you all at Jackrabbit MUN V!  

Quinn Van Wagner
Social Media
Nisha Patel
Social Media Officer and Webmaster

Hello! My name is Nisha Patel, and I am thankful for being able to serve as part of Poly MUN’s Webmaster and Social Media team this year. As a webmaster, I update the information on the site, and make sure everything is up to date. Through MUN I was able to meet new people, learn more about policy, and grow my love for research. I had my first conference online, and I genuinely loved Jackrabbit IV last year, so hopefully you will join us in our wonderful preparations for Jackrabbit V. Asidefrom MUN, I am also in Key Club, and UNICEF! I also have a great interest in art, and often sketch or paint (currently trying to figure out how to do digital art, but it is tough <|:,D) If you have any questions or just want to have mundane conversations I am here! I will do my best to help, and I cannot wait to meet you all!

Hi! My name is Lail Khansa and I’m one of the webmasters for Long Beach Poly’s Model UN. As your webmaster, my role is to keep the Jackrabbit MUN website up to date with all the new committees, Dias, and conferences. I have been in Model UN for 3 years and it has given me a unique experience of working with people. Since you often need to work with people with different policies, you find a way to work together and compromise to create solutions, a lesson that has helped me in the real world. Outside of MUN, I am in Speech and Debate, math team, swim, jazz, and Poly Global Fund. I also enjoy cooking, baking bread, and biking. I’m happy to help anyone with questions and am excited for a great year!

Lail Khansa
Max Beranek

Hi! My name is Max Beranek, and I’m one of your Webmasters for the 2022-23 year. I’m a sophomore, and I've been in MUN for 2 years, since I was a freshman. As one of the webmasters, my responsibility is to maintain and update the Jackrabbit MUN website for this year’s conference. My experience in MUN has been nothing short of a blast, as it has been a fun experience which has improved my public speaking and research skills. MUN has also been a great way to expand my knowledge of the world in which I live. Outside of MUN, I play violin in the Poly Symphony Orchestra and play tennis on Poly’s JV team. I’m also a part of the Creative Writing Club and Chess Club. In my free time, I love to watch sports, especially football (Go 49ers!). I also listen to music in my vinyl collection. I also like to cook and play video games. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me, and I’m looking forward to this wonderful year in MUN!

Hello everyone! My name is Alexis Lam, and I have the privilege of being one of your Secretaries General this year for Poly Model UN’s very own Jackrabbit MUN V Conference. As Co-Secretary General, I am one of directors of operations and organization of our conference. I also help plan and chair our mini-MUNs as well as support the rest of leadership. I joined MUN back in the second semester of my freshmen year and this year will be my fourth year in the club. Joining MUN broke me out of my shell, developed my public speaking skills and taught me so much on global affairs and issues. Outside of MUN, I am president of the UNICEF club at Poly, co-captain of the speech and debate team, and one of the drum majors this year for Poly’s Marching Unit. I am also a part of the school’s Chamber Orchestra as concertmaster. Aside from school, I love to embroider and sew, listen to indie/indie pop (please give me any recommendations!) and read Victorian Era novels. I am very excited to see you all do your best at our conference and if you have any questions regarding anything please feel free to reach out to me via email. I look forward to the greatness that is coming, good luck to you all!

Alexis Lam
Co-Secretary General
Dina Miranda
Co-Secretary General

Hi everyone! My name is Dina Miranda and I’m honored to be one of Poly MUN’s Secretaries-General this year. I share the duties of planning this year’s conference, from delegating roles to brainstorming ideas that will ensure that everything runs smoothly. This is my fourth year in MUN and I’m so thankful to freshman me for sticking with it for this long. I’ve learned so much about global relationships while researching for conferences (who knew writing position papers could pay off?), and without MUN, I would never have gotten to collaborate with such amazing, knowledgeable peers. Aside from MUN, I play the French horn in Poly’s symphony orchestra, Symphonic Winds ensemble, and the Jazz A band, am Co-President of Kaibigan (Poly’s Filipino Cultural club), and run Poly’s Creative Writing Club. In my free time, I love to knit, collect vinyl records, read and write poetry (the latter being of dubious quality), and pirate Adobe software. I plan to study English literature and international studies at Northwestern University next fall. Feel free to reach out to me via email with any questions. I look forward to meeting you all on May 20th!

Hello delegates! My name is Solene Millsap and I am this year’s Director General, working with the Secretary Generals to orchestrate Jackrabbit MUN V. I am a senior and have participated in MUN for all four years, enjoying the theatrics that intertwine with articulate political debate. Outside of MUN, I am a member of Poly’s chamber and vocal jazz choirs, as well as a Co-President of Cereal Club, meeting monthly to eat cereal and celebrate community. Outside of school, I love exploring artistic interests — film photography, watching movies (particularly campy horror), reading, and discovering new music. I’m a big fan of dissecting the human experience via the humanities — devouring art history, literature, and political theory in my free time. I’ll be studying philosophy at Barnard College of Columbia University in the fall. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Solene Millsap
Director General
Katelyn Van Andel
Under-Secretary of Logistics

Hello Delegates! My name is Katelyn Van Andel and I am honored to serve as Poly MUN’s Under-Secretary of Logistics for the ‘22-‘23 school year. My job is to oversee every logistical aspect of the conference: volunteers, food, committee rooms, etc. I help take care of often overlooked details to ensure our conference runs smoothly! I joined Model UN my sophomore year, and it’s been a blast since then. Being able to debate about topics you are enthusiastic about with other passionate delegates is amazing. It’s why I fell in love with MUN! Outside of Model UN, I am active in Key Club, Female Leadership Academy, and softball. In my free time, I enjoy reading classics, watching movies (Dead Poets Society is my favorite), and making cartoons of historical figures. Above all else, I am an unapologetic history geek muahaha! I sincerely look forward to meeting all of you at Jackrabbit V. Let’s have a great conference this year!

Hello Delegates! My name is Lauren Higuchi and I will be serving as your Crisis Director for the 2023 Jackrabbit MUN V Conference. As Crisis Director, I train our club members to both staff and participate in crisis committees. I will also be managing the crisis rooms for Jackrabbit MUN V and making sure our delegates have the best crisis experience possible! I joined MUN my Junior year and have had a wonderful time exploring and debating world issues. Outside of MUN, I am also captain of Poly’s robotics team and a garden docent at Rancho Los Cerritos (if you just got 4th grade flashbacks, I’m sorry). I am a historical fashion enthusiast who loves to nitpick period films and an avid birdwatcher who’s still trying to befriend my local murder of crows. I hope your MUN experience this year is one of your best and that you enjoy the chaos and sophistication that is Jackrabbit MUN.  

Lauren Higuchi
Crisis Director
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