Cabinet & Secretariat

Hi there! My name is Hamid Torabzadeh, and I have the honor of serving as one of the Co-Presidents for Poly MUN this year. I help manage our conference schedule, club meetings, workshops, Mini-MUNs and other events while supporting the rest of the Cabinet. This is my fourth year with the club - MUN has been an incredible opportunity to learn about pressing global challenges while improving my speaking, debate, and research skills. Being in MUN has particularly spurred my passion for policy! Outside of MUN, I’m Co-Captain of Poly’s robotics team and President of Red Cross Club, and also very involved with Tennis, Speech & Debate, and the Green Schools Campaign. Please feel free to reach out as I am here to support you. Looking forward to a great year of MUN!

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Hamid Torabzadeh
Dina Miranda

Hello! My name is Dina Miranda and I am honored to serve as one of Poly MUN’s Co-Presidents for the 2021-22 school year. This is my third year in MUN and each year has been more rewarding than the last. Zoom, with all its faults, was a great way for me to attend many conferences last year and stay informed about the most pressing global events while keeping my debate skills sharp. I also discovered my passion for graphic design as last year’s Social Media Director! This year, along with Hamid, I oversee club events and build rapport with our members through Mini-MUNs, workshops, and simulations. As a result, I have become best friends with my daily planner--it never leaves my side. :)  It’s been a joy thus far collaborating with the rest of the Poly MUN Cabinet and introducing the excitement of MUN to our members during our club meetings! Outside of MUN, I am a member of Poly’s Speech & Debate team and play trumpet for Poly’s marching and jazz bands. I’m also currently learning how to play the French horn and I love it! I also regularly volunteer with Poly’s UNICEF Club. In my spare time, I listen to all genres of music (right now, my favorite artists are Sufjan Stevens, Colleen, and Philip Glass) and threaten my wallet with the latest yarn and crochet pattern deals. You can find me on Instagram at @dinamranda--please feel free to contact me for anything

Hey everybody! I’m Jack Donaldson, and this year I am serving as Vice President of Poly MUN this year. I am responsible for business involving conferences (communicating with them and assigning delegates), as well as assisting the Presidents. This is my third year in the club, and I love that I get the opportunity to interact in spaces I wouldn’t normally see myself in, as well as how no conference is never the same. Whether it’s informative or silly, I leave every room having had a wonderful time. Aside from MUN, I am also Co-President of the Poly UNICEF Club. My hobbies include watching movies (follow me on Letterboxd @jaqy !!) and staring out windows longingly. If you have any questions about MUN or life feel free to ask. Seriously, I have so much free time.

Jack Donaldson
Vice President
Josephine Gore

Hi everyone! My name is Josephine Gore and I am very excited to be the secretary of Poly MUN this year. As secretary, I will be sending out all of the emails you receive concerning conferences and MUN updates and will be helping with the logistics of the club. Although this is only my second year of MUN, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and have treasured every experience. I was fortunate enough to go to eight conferences last year and gain valuable experiences that really got me through the challenges we all faced last year. Apart from being in MUN, I’m also in French Club, Speech and Debate, volleyball, and I play viola in our orchestra. I’ve also been playing piano for almost my entire life and really, really enjoy it! I love collaborating with others and in my free time, I love reading historical nonfiction (I’m currently reading The Romanov Sisters) and spending time with my friends. If you have any questions concerning MUN, please do not hesitate to ask! I, as well as the other cabinet members, are always here for you all and I look forward to the great year we’re going to have in MUN!

Hello! My name is Matthew Inui and I have the privilege of being treasurer of MUN this year. As treasurer, I will be taking care of all the club’s finances from conference payments to merch. This is only my second year in MUN, but it’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I love research and debating, but what makes MUN really special, to me at least, is the variety of topics that you get to pursue. International policy, science, fantasy… there’s something for everyone! Aside from MUN, I’m an active member of Japanese Club, Musicians Club, and Speech and Debate. I also love to read (if you have any book recommendations, send them my way. As long as it’s not poetry, I’ll read it). If you ever have any questions about payments or MUN stuff in general, you can come to me and I’ll help you to my fullest ability. I’m thrilled to be back in person and can’t wait for all the fun that we’re going to have this year!

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Matthew Inui
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Althea Aguel
Social Media Manager

Hey rockstars! My name is Althea Aguel and I am so excited to serve as Poly MUN’s social media officer. My role is to help you guys stay updated on all events and to keep you interested in what’s going on with our club! Social media has a profound impact on today’s generation and I want to help support our club by sharing what we do. I joined Model UN as a freshman and I’m so grateful to have been taken under the wing of amazing upperclassmen who have all graduated now. The excitement that comes from a conference whether you’re creating solutions as a country or you’re playing a character is what makes me so passionate about this club. It’s like a fancy game of playing pretend! At school, I am President of Yarn Club, a member of Spirit Team for Key Club, assistant to the social media officer of Speech and Debate, and I am an active member of Lacrosse, Chamber Choir, Jazz 2 Choir, CSF, FLA, GSC, the Polyesters (improv team), Robotics, the musical, and Botany Club! Outside of school, I volunteer at Shoestring Horse Ranch and Clark and Atherton Mercantile, I’m a mentee with WriteGirl, and I have a small business on Depop! I also love to write/produce songs, fangirl, and act on the side :) I am so excited to meet all of you and to see you grow in this club! Feel free to talk to me anytime! Love u all!<3

Hello! My name is Nisha Patel, and I am thankful for being able to serve as Poly MUN’s webmaster this year. As webmaster, I update the information on the site, making sure everything is to date. Through MUN I was able to meet new people, learn more about policy, and grow my love for research. I had my first MUN conference online, and I cannot wait to go to an in-person conference. Apart from MUN, I am treasurer and tech-editor for Key Club, and social media officer for UNICEF. I also have a great interest in art, and often sketch or paint! (currently trying to figure out how to do digital art, but it is tough :,,)) If you have any questions about MUN or want to get to know the club better please feel free to ask any questions! I will do my best to help, and I cannot wait to meet you all! Feel free to contact me on instagram @nishapetals about anything !! 

Nisha Patel

Hello Delegates! My name is Inanna Khansa, and I am honored to be your Secretary General for Poly Model UN’s own conference, Jackrabbit MUN IV. I direct the operations and planning of our conference, organize our theme and committees, chair our MiniMUNs, and support leadership in running the MUN club. I’ve been in MUN all my years of high school, and I have grown so much in my knowledge of global issues, diplomacy, public speaking, and debate. Outside of MUN, I am also the Captain of the Speech and Debate team at Poly, this year’s Drum Major and am involved in orchestra, Math Team, and Robotics. Outside of school, I play piano and violin. Additionally, I host a Shakespeare Book Club and love listening to music in foreign languages. MUN means a lot to me, and my gavels mean I’m good at it, so feel free to email me with any questions or queries as I would love to help. Let’s have a great year and wonderful conference!

Inanna Khansa
Secretary General

Hello everyone! My name is Alexis Lam, and I have the privilege of being your Director General this year for Poly Model UN’s very own Jackrabbit MUN IV Conference. As director general, I help out with planning and organizing of  our conference, chair our mini-MUNS as well as support the rest of leadership. I joined MUN back in the second semester of my freshmen year and this year will be my third year in the club. Joining MUN broke me out of my shell, developed my public speaking skills and taught me so much on global affairs and issues. Outside of MUN, I am one of the co-presidents of the UNICEF club at Poly, co-captain of the speech and debate team, and one of the drum majors this year for Poly’s Marching Unit. I am also a part of the school’s Chamber Orchestra as a violin player. Aside from school, I love to embroider and sew, listen to indie/ indie pop (please give me any recommendations!) and read Victorian Era novels. I am very excited to see you all do your best at our conference and if you have any questions regarding anything please feel free to reach out to me via email. I look forward to the greatest that is coming, good luck to you all!

Alexis Lam
Director General
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Jomar Hontiveros
Crisis Director

Hello all! I’m Jomar Hontiveros, our resident and highly honored Crisis Director for this year’s Poly Jackrabbit MUN IV. As we roar on into this year’s conference I am excited to assist in the planning of Jackrabbit MUN IV with a specialization to our crisis committees. As someone who’s first experience in ModelUN was at a crisis committee, I hold crises close and dear to my heart. I hope to work with our team and foster a wonderful and creative sphere for debate and cooperation! With Model UN taking up every year of my high school life I am so happy to have been a part of our club and to be involved in assisting it now. And as we gather around back in person, I personally cannot wait to hear about the wonderful directives that get sent back to us; and the crisis arcs that will have everyone on the edge of their seats. Outside of the MUN realms I am a student pilot working towards my private pilot's license, a dedicated volunteer with two local Experimental Aviation Association Chapters, and an amature photographer through planespotting. If there is one thing to take away from that, it is that aviation is oddly a common theme! But as our paths approach, patience is a virtue hard for me to hold onto with something quite as exciting as Jackrabbit MUN IV! Hope to see and hear all of you delegates!