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So you've signed up for the conference, paid the fee, chosen your committee, submitted your paper, and now what? You're finally ready to debate! But what do you do? Well, this page has all the info you need for your first committee session!

What to Bring

For your first conference, and honestly any conference, these are all good to have handy: 

  • Your delegate binder

  • Printouts of background guides, your research, and your position paper

  • Lined Paper

  • Sticky notes or index cards(for note passing)

  • Check if tech is allowed. If so, bring your laptop! It's super helpful!

And don't forget you need appropriate Western Business Attire!


Stages of Committee

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Ready to begin debate? Here's what you need to know!: 

  1. Pre-Conference Research — The weeks, days, and hours leading up to the conference: make sure you know your topic and your position.

  2. Opening Speeches — The beginning of committee, when delegates give their first speeches.

  3. Caucusing — This stage typically begins with the first or second unmoderated caucus, when most of the committee has made their opening speeches and it becomes more important to find allies and form caucus blocs.

  4. Writing Resolutions — Begins when caucus blocs have solidified.

  5. Debating Resolutions — After resolutions have been submitted to the chair for review, delegates give speeches for and against resolutions.

Other Tips!

Be aware: you and other delegates might be at different stages than the rest of committee, so be sure to stay on top of things so you can join/form a resolution group.


Know how to transition between stages: Transition points are opportunities to stand out in committee. For example, after submitting resolutions, refocus your attention on making speeches. For example, you can use transitions to your advantage by trying to be the first person in your caucus bloc to make an assertive speech about your resolution, to solidify your position as a leader in bloc and in committee.


How you do in one stage affects how you’ll do in the next: Pre-Conference Research is the first stage and the foundation of your performance in committee. Your Opening Speeches influence how other delegates will perceive you during Caucusing. The quality of your caucus bloc influences the quality of your resolution, which influences how it will be debated in committee and whether it will pass.

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