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WIPO: Chat GPT and AI technology

From writing essays in seconds, to creating art and impersonating people’s voices, the growing power of AI has presented the global community with complex discussion. Who owns the rights to the content generated by AI models? How can the global government regulate copyright and intellectual property with non-human entities? How should countries regulate the private companies who have created AI models? Because use of AI has expanded so quickly, nearly all existing legislation does not address the problems that AI models create. Recently we have seen the effects of AI on the rights of artists and writers, namely in the SAG-AFTRA strikes. If an AI model is prompted to create mimicking the style of a certain person is that infringing on their right to their own work or is it a new work? Will we let AI take over the industries that have relied on human innovation and creation? AI has shown incredible potential and also incredible danger. Little has been done by the global community to regulate or to protect the rights of people in the face of AI..

Meet the Dais!



Lauren Griffieth


Quinn VanWagner


Soli Nickerson


Alivia Seard

Tejus Deo-Dixit

Asha Lall

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