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UNCSTD: Big Tech Censorship


As technology companies ranging from social media platforms to cloud-based businesses continue to gain power over numerous aspects of society including the economy, education, and social communications, the issue of “Big Tech” censorship cannot be more central to all of our lives. Censorship plays a large role in free speech, political discourse, market power, internet safety, and international security.  The United Nations can have a significant effect on the role of big tech companies in censorship, in hopes of protecting freedom, ensuring safety, and advancing equity and opportunity for all. Complex relations between private industry, governments, and individuals are essential to the path forward as well. While select countries are home to key big tech, efforts to ensure the global tech sector is sustainable and just will depend upon implementation of international cooperation and frameworks, like never before.

Meet Your Dais!

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Hamid Torabzadeh

Danny Nguyen

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