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Crisis: Kamakura Shogunate

The year is 1220. Less than half a century ago, Yoritomo Minamoto defeated the Taira clan and instituted himself as the head of a new shogunate based in the eastern Japanese city of Kamakura. However, his bloodline ended when Sanetomo Minamoto was assassinated in 1219. Now, the Hōjō family regency has assumed power, but their authority rests on a pyramid of usurpations and illegitimacy. With four major clans and the emperor looking to regain control of the government, it is your job to further your personal and familial interests in this internal power struggle. Land will shift, allegiances will switch, and foreign policy will become increasingly important as the Mongols threaten invasion from the west. So the question for you is how will history play out this time? Will a new power emerge to lead Japan to prosperity, or will in-fighting ultimately drive the island to ruin?

Meet the Dais!


Co Chair
Matthew Inui


Co Chair
Alexis Lam


Vice Chair
Nisha Patel

Sydney Chaikittirattana

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