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ECOSOC: Ethiopian Drought Conflict

In 2022, the UN addressed its concern for the estimated 35 million Ethiopians who are expected to face difficult humanitarian circumstances. Ethiopia is still experiencing its worst drought in 40 years and is heading towards its sixth consecutive failed rainy season which could prolong a drought already affecting 24 million people. Ethnic and regional conflicts across the country are simultaneously disrupting lives and preventing humanitarian organizations from delivering aid. One investigation found that over 7,000 metric tons of wheat and 215,000 liters of food oil had been looted by the various warring factions. In addition to theft, bureaucracy, and violence have blocked aid from reaching people in need. In 2021, a UN food aid convoy ventured into Ethiopia’s war‐torn Tigray region with 445 trucks. Only 38 returned, as one of the warring parties seized 407 of the vehicles. 


The humanitarian response to the drought in Ethiopia is insufficiently funded, even more so than in East African countries facing a similar crisis. If they don’t receive aid, the people will begin to starve as prices for food rise and they are hit with drought. Delegates will represent leaders from both sides of the conflict and citizens of our international community to negotiate towards a viable solution.

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