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Crisis: Red Scare

When a little-known Wisconsin Senator named Joseph McCarthy held up a list of what he claimed to be 205 known Communists in the State Department during a speech in 1950, no one could have predicted the drastic consequences that followed. McCarthy’s famous list marked the beginning of an era of national fear of Communist subversion, also known as the Red Scare. The Red Scare of the 1950s became an era of chaos: labor unions infiltrated, civil rights leaders denounced, Hollywood stars blacklisted, wild accusations thrown around, some with deathly repercussions.  


On the surface, everyone is working toward the same goal: rooting out Communists and restoring the trust of the American people in both their neighbors and their government. However, be wary,  the intentions of those around are more questionable than they seem. As delegates, your job is to hold an increasingly hysterical America together. Will you hunt out the Communist spies hiding among us, or will you fall victim to a complete takeover of the Soviet Union? Where is the line drawn between personal liberty and national security? Who is the real enemy? Welcome to the Red Scare.

Meet the Dais!


Co Chair
Katelyn Van Andel


Co Chair
Dina Miranda


Vice Chair
Janice Jung

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