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Procedural Rules

Committee Rules

  1. Speaking time for opening statements will be 1 minute

    1. Delegates can motion to change

  2. No tech during MODS

    1. Tech will be allowed during UNMODS and Resolution writing

      1. NOT ​applicable to Crisis rooms

Committee Attire

1. Western Business Wear

Ex: Button Up Shirt, Blouse, Slacks


  1. ​Start of Committee

    1. Roll Call​

    2. Motion Open Debate

    3. Motion Set Agenda

    4. Motion to create a speaker's list

  2. During Committee

    1. MODS and UNMODS​

  3. End of Committee

    1. Present Resolution​

    2. Motion to enter Voting Bloc

    3. Vote

    4. Motion to Exit Voting Bloc

    5. Motion to Adjourn


Position Paper Guidelines

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