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Procedural Rules

Committee Rules

  1. Speaking time for opening statements will be 1 minute

    1. Delegates can motion to change

  2. No tech during MODS

    1. Tech will be allowed during UNMODS and Resolution writing

      1. NOT ​applicable to Crisis rooms

Committee Attire

1. Western Business Wear

Ex: Button Up Shirt, Blouse, Slacks


  1. Start of Committee​

    1. Roll Call​

    2. Motion Open Debate

    3. Motion Set Agenda

    4. Motion to open the speaker's list

    5. During Committee

    6. MODS and UNMODS​

    7. End of Committee

    8. Present Resolution​

    9. Motion to enter Voting Bloc

    10. Vote

    11. Motion to Exit Voting Bloc

    12. Motion to Adjourn


JackrabbitMUN Procedural Reminders

  1. We will only be entertaining one general speaker’s list in General Assembly and Specialized committees (no secondary speaker’s list).

  2. Delegates may not pre-write resolutions prior to the start of committee. We recommend that delegates come with some solutions, but no pre-determined final resolutions or clauses (i.e. no acronym plans).

  3. Committee will mostly be centered around mods and unmods rather than the speaker’s list.

  4. UNSC and crisis committees will use a round robin instead of a general speaker’s list. In a round robin, the chair calls on every delegate to give an opening statement successively, rather than pausing for mods and unmods between speeches.


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