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Policing Internet Hate Speech


The Internet is undeniably the defining feature of the modern age. Every facet of people’s lives from friendship and love to citizenship and politics can be and usually is conducted there. The simple fact that instantaneous and accessible platforms exist has tremendous implications. Any voice, carrying any opinion, has the potential to reach millions of ears. The question arises as to what must be done about the voices that work to subvert orderly society. This important question lies just behind the even bigger question of what does “voices that work to subvert orderly society” even mean? Many agree that ISIS recruiting on Facebook ought to be criminal, but are people allowed to deny the holocaust? Are they allowed to have controversial or potentially wrong opinions? Do the governments of the world even have a place in this debate? Delegates will work in committee to define exactly how to define this subversive speech. Only after this will they be able to submit a resolution detailing exactly how to address it as they have defined it.

Note: This committee has already been held in 2019, during Jackrabbit MUN I. Background guides for 2020 will be released soon.

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