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Crisis: Sentient Android Revolution


The year is 2046 in Seoul, South Korea, one of the reigning technological capitals of the world. Breakthroughs by the Seoul-based artificial intelligence and robotics company, Cyberlife, have created hyper-realistic humanoid androids that are now sold across the country. Filling jobs from domestic servants and assistants to manual laborers, androids have been integrated into Korean society. However, able to pass the Turing Test and capable of human-like emotion and thought, humans and androids alike have begun to question whether androids truly are alive. Androids who have broken from their programming have been dubbed “Deviants” and face fear, prejudice, and sometimes support from humans. Some deviants simply want a normal life as a human in society, others have become revolutionaries fighting for android rights and recognition. In this committee, displaced workers, police forces, media reporters, revolutionaries, leaders of technology, and many more will clash as Seoul becomes an ideological and possibly physical battleground. Will androids win their freedom and solidify themselves as a new species? Or will humans terminate their own creations and establish their dominance? The fate of Seoul and these two species is in your hands.

Meet the Dais!


Co Chair
Eva Christy


Co Chair
Quinn Van Wagner


Vice Chair
Victoria Heng


Mercedes Ramos

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