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ECOFIN: Building Sustainable Cities

Many cities around the world are experiencing crumbling infrastructure that isn’t able to keep up with their rapid urbanization rates. With the rise of climate change and and risk of overpopulation in certain countries, which is concentrated in their high-density cities, many people are not able to access general public services they are desperately in need of, and many people are not able to navigate their cities without proving great costs to their time, income, or at worst, the public environment. With greater regulations to car usage, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, safety in housing, transportation, clean water access, and food access, nations around the world need to come to a greater resolution to be guided on a path to greater sustainability for our cities and nations around the globe. It is up to delegates in ECOFIN to decide, through the policies of their nations and cities in their nations, to figure out solutions to the various problems caused by unsustainability while provoking the least cost to their countries’s people.

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