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UNWTO: Sustainable Tourism



From the Appalachian mountains in Switzerland to the rainforests of Brazil, our planet is home to some of the world’s most popular eco-tourism destinations. However, while these countries have manufacturing and trade to maintain their economies, many others rely solely on the tourism industry. With the population at 8 billion and growing every day, urbanization is at its highest rate in history. Sadly, the destruction of landscapes to make way for housing and development puts these economies–which are so reliant on the tourism attracted to these landscapes–at risk. Of course, this is only half the problem. Tourists themselves also put landscapes at risk. Water pollution, irresponsible trespassing, and overconsumption are only some of the ways tourists destroy environments and deplete resources. Delegates in this committee will be responsible for addressing these dual issues, balancing their country’s environmental concerns with economic ones. 


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