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UNSC: Intervention in Yemen

Though it is a conflict that many have heard about briefly, little is said about the civil war and subsequent epic humanitarian crisis in Yemen that has plagued the nation since 2014. This issue has sadly faded to the background of international attention, but it needs to be addressed and resolved. As of December 2020, an estimated 130,000 Yemeni people have died indirectly from the civil war, and 23.4 million people are still in dire need of immediate humanitarian aid. Rebel forces seized the capital city and the largest city, Sana’a, and have been demanding lower fuel prices and an entirely new government. With a raging armed conflict, it has been  difficult to send humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people who so desperately need it, but Security Council members will have to work together to try to bring a peaceful end to the war and transport necessary supplies to Yemen. To what extent should other nations interfere in Yemeni domestic political affairs? How will aid be delivered when few routes are available, and how much aid should come from domestic versus international sources? Will the agricultural land be able to recover with extreme droughts and floods, and how will other nations realistically be able to help? Delegates will debate all of these questions and more, and develop meaningful solutions on if and how the United Nations should intervene in Yemen to end their crisis.

Meet the Dais!


Co Chair
Josephine Gore


Vice Chair
Diana Michaelson


Alice Duch

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