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Mining Sea Floor Metals and Cobalt


From cobalt to copper, the ocean floor is home to some of the richest veins of precious metals and minerals useful in a variety of industrial, technological, and scientific capacities. However, with most of the deposits deep under international waters, the problem is less a question of availability as more one of access. For countries who can afford the expensive equipment and technology needed to submerge thousands of meters below the ocean surface, collecting these metals is relatively easy. However, for developing economies, their ability to capitalize on underwater resources is limited. Further, from sound pollution to disturbing unknown deep-sea creatures, sea floor mining operations pose several environmental concerns. Keeping in mind the importance of these mining operations, delegates in this committee will be tasked with working together to create a sustainable legal framework that answers the question: who gets these resources? In pursuit of a more equitable economic future, it is your job to determine the future of deep sea mining.


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