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Middle School
UNODC: Sports Doping

Dating back to the ancient Olympic Games, doping has rocked the world, and has continued to do so up to the present day. From local, to national, to Olympic-level competition, every level of sport has been deeply affected by the consequences and legacy of doping. Sha’Carri Richardson’s personal life brought her to the forefront of international headlines as people questioned the drugs on the banned list. As recently as the 2020 Olympics, 16-year-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva’s scandal sparked debate about the minimum age of professional sports, specifically skating, and the vast impact of doping on a nation and sport at large. Numerous other cases have plagued high-level sport, and will likely continue unless something is done. Countries in this committee will unite to debate and address this ever-expanding and changing issue, with more pressing scandals hitting the news with increasing frequency. How will countries with vastly different pasts and positions unite to end doping? Should the list of illegal drugs be expanded or reduced? How will the future of sport be hindered by doping scandals and how will we stop it?

Meet the Dais!


Co Chair
Lauren Griffieth


Co Chair
Mike Guillen

Screenshot 2023-05-19 153601.png

Vice Chair
Isaac Holder

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