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Constitutional Convention of the Secretary General


Welcome to the Constitutional Convention! Myself and the rest of the Dais are beyond excited to introduce a distinctly different form of committee to Jackrabbit MUN. This committee asks you to step away from many of the Model UN traditions that you’ve been trained around, and step up for a new challenge. Conventional parliamentary procedure, resolution groups, and role-playing have no place in this room, leaving you armed solely with your ideas.

The objective of this committee is to create a constitution for the State of California, present-day. We will be adopting a form of debate similar to that of the House of Commons, and we will debate language proposals written by you, the Members. Anything outside of federal jurisdiction is fair game, so be creative!

Lastly, this committee is meant to be a true marketplace of ideas. Because there are no portfolios of power, nor predetermined status or political clout to fall back on, we begin on even playing ground, and you build up your credibility with the way you argue. The back-and-forth style of debate can encourage a cutthroat environment, but the cardinal rule of Con Con is this: we attack ideas, not people. Come with an open mind, expect to speak both prepared and on the fly, and experience argument as sport. 

Note: This committee has already been held in 2019, during Jackrabbit MUN I. Background guides for 2020 will be released soon.

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